The European Union (GDPR ) Global Data Protection Regulation came into effect on the 25th of May 2018, you need to ensure that you comply with this vast data protection regulation.

A company that processes data of an EU citizen can be fined up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover or which ever is the greater for failing to comply.  So. how much are you willing to risk?

Join eu.uk.com to get all the facts, knowledge, direction and support that you need to be GDPR compliant.

Member Services

Join eu.uk.com to access a range of services, tools, processes and information that your business will need to become compliant and stay compliant.


We have created comprehensive resources that allow you to address each of the regulatory requirements. Membership comes with loads of tools, like the GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office - generate notices and information for each processing automatically, website data collection, general customer information, trade shows, the list is endless. Let us take care of your GDPR and you take care of business.

We also provide a unique online staff training experience, so your staff are aware and adequately trained in the handling and management of personal data.

All in a single membership.

EU Representation

The GDPR states that Non-EU businesses the process the personal data of EU Citizens must appoint a local representative in the EU.

Members can use eu.uk.com (GDPR Forensic Limited) as their on-the-ground representative in the EU to ensure that they comply with the regulation and they can use our ISO-accredited Certified Data Protection Officer Services, both services are included with all memberships.

Unique Partner Offers

We are regularly approached by global organizations that have special offerings, support services, technology and advice to help your business comply with GDPR. 

All of our partners have agreed to provide an additional discount to eu.uk.com members, so couple that with specialist advice and products and you will be compliant with the minimum of fuss.


Get certified as a Data Protection and Privacy Professional. 

If you run a small business or are a crowd worker, you can get certified using any of our free courses.

Need to know something? Send Us an Email: info.at.dp.services

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