eu.uk.com offers an online self-paced training course allowing you to attain professional ISO-accredited certification and qualification as a Global Data Protection and Privacy practitioner (not just the GDPR) specifically, a Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G). This is a practical hands on application of the DPO+G Role as it applies to global data privacy principles and how those rules and laws can be applied to your business so you become a better business, locally and internationally. The course if offered in two-parts the Foundation and Practitioner.

This training course has been aligned with the ISO 27K Information Security Management Standards (ISMS) and best practice, ISO 29151 Personal Information Management (PIMS), ISO 29134 Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and ISO 15489 Record Management. The course is suitable for use globally and aligned to International Standards in both application and delivery, so it may be applied to any EU or non-EU business. Data Protection Officers (DPO) are required for both EU and Non-EU Businesses. The course and Global Data Protection Management System provide legislation and integration with 81 countries including EU, US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand and many others. It also includes Breach Management and Reporting automatically. 

Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) Certification (ISO-accredited)

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, you will have learnt from experts how to meet the requirements and understand the role of the (GDPR) Data Protection Officer. You will have learnt how the role is applied to businesses both within and outside of the EU with learning outcomes that include:

  • A general understanding of the Data Protection Officer Role

  • What personal-data is, and how it needs to be treated and by whom

  • The Data Protection Principles

  • Data Subjects rights, when and how to gather data and when to stop and destroy it

  • Understanding the hierarchy for reporting and escalation of events

  • Managing Data Subject Access Requests and General Data Management

  • Working with Third-parties to ensure they are appropriately managing Data and Trained to a satifactory level

  • Understanding the business obligations while managing data

  • Learning how to best deal with the Supervisory Authorities and knowing when you should

  • Assurance of legal and lawful privacy compliance and collection of data

  • Knowing when additional safeguards are required and how to implement them

  • Special considerations and working with businesses that target young people, kids television shows, gaming, early learning etc. and understanding the additional compliance requirements

  • Ensuring Organisational Policy complies with the GDPR

  • Performing a Risk Impact Assessments - complete with the toolkit.

  • How the GDPR relates to ISO 27002 Information Security Management  Standard (ISMS)

  • How the GDPR relates to ISO 29134 for Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

  • How the GDPR relates to ISO 29151 for Personal Information Management (PIMS)

  • How the GDPR relates to BS 10012 for Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

  • How the GDPR relates to ISO 15489 for Record Management and Record Keeping (RMS)

  • Understanding binding corporate rules  and undertakings

Course Design: This course is designed by a team of IT and Legal professionals specialising in Electronic Data and Records Management (ISO 15489, ISO 16175 and ISO 23081) as it applies to the GDPR (including the application of ISO 27001/2 Information Security Management Framework, ISO 29134 (DPIA), ISO 29151 (PIMS) and BS 10012), security and systems experts, specifically in the field of data security and access management together with system Audit, IT Compliance and Governance expertise. 

Duration: Self-paced. (Maximum of 90-days)

Format: The course is offered as a self-paced research and learning study pack with a sample exam followed by an on-line timed multiple choice examination. The learning is usually about 22-hours and the exam is (timed at) 60 minutes.

Pass Mark: 75% is required to attain certification. (An applicant who does not attain 75% may resit the exam once again in the scope of this course.) A successful completion of the exam will allow you to display the Certified Professional mark, and you will be registered in our online database for validation.

Completion Time frame: Although the study is self-paced the examination must be taken within 90-days of the online study pack delivery. The examination can be sat a maximum of two times and both seating's must be within the 90-days from study pack delivery.​

Course Cost: €990.00 Reserve your place today! Places are limited!

Course Identity: EU.UK.GDPR.DPO

Re-certification and Certificate Validity3-Years

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Start Your Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) Certification - Next Available Course Starts Mid December 2018 and January 2019 


Our training is delivered to comply with ISO/IEC 17024:2013 and the material and exam is conducted in English.

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