Join today and get all the EU Representation, DPO Services, Knowledge, Support, Services, Training  and Tools that your business needs to become GDPR compliant. Use your membership to remain compliant at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it all in-house.

Using our two key-tools provided with your membership, the GDPR Concise Handbook and the exclusive GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office will provide more than 40 great tools and services that you will need to get compliant and stay compliant. Electronic and Paper Forms, automated data collection and processing campaign management, policies, processes and procedures, on-call data protection officer, EU Representation, staff training and all the other great membership benefits described below. You NEED each and every one of these tools, and they are here ready and waiting!

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* continued registration as a client for our EU Representative and Data Protection Officer services requires strict adherence to policy and the maintenance of regulation and compliance together with certain additional criteria to ensure that there is commitment to become compliant with the regulation and remain compliant with the regulation. There may be a financial bond requirement to allow for the immediate formation and management of personal data breaches through call centers and media management etc. You are required to use the GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office so we are aware of your campaigns and processing in the event that we are tasked with regulatory compliance and performance. An additional fee may be payable for larger organisations regarding EU Representation Services. Refer to the application for EU Representation Service Costs, which are above and beyond the membership price.

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