The Corporate membership is designed to for large companies with multiple locations and / or business functions to operate in the EU and comply with the GDPR. You might be an advertising organisation with many campaigns going, data collections going on all over the place and managing multiple clients and data subjects.

Your membership includes 

The GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office license for this service includes:

  • 1 X Controller Management (Your Main business Location)

  • Unlimited Processor Management (Your business Locations)

  • Unlimited Sub-Members (Controllers, Processors, DPOs, Recipients, Joint Processors, Joint Controllers etc)

  • 1 X EU Representative* (We act for you and all your sub-members too - included in your membership)

    • If we are providing EU Representation, your membership includes:​

      • 5 X Supervisory Authority Management Issue per month

        • Additional SA Management Issues are €100 per 90 days (or part there of) of case resolution.

      • Unlimited Supervisory Authority email follow-up with your business per month

  • 1 X Data Protection Officer* (We act for you - included in your membership)

    • If we are providing DPO Services, your membership includes:​

      • up to 25 X DPO Data Subject contacts per month​

        • Additional DPO Data Subject contacts are ​€20 per 15 minutes (or part there of)  of contact) 

      • up to 15 X DPO telephone contacts with your business per month

        • Additional DPO telephone contacts (or email follow up) with your business are ​​€20 per 15 minutes of contact

      • up to 4 X 60 minute advisory telephone contacts with your business each month

  • Unlimited Access to the GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office for all staff, which includes:

    • Unlimited processing campaigns​, including

      • unlimited Notifications and data subject information requests​

      • unlimited Notification Templates

        • upload of templates

        • use​ of templates by staff and data subjects

      • unlimited data subject electronic form request and use

    • Access to Staff Training

    • Access and use of all Information Security Management Framework (ISMF)

      • Policies

      • Standards

      • Guides

      •  Forms

      • Checklists and Check-sheets

    • Access to all Contract and Agreement Templates

  • Access to our Breach Response Team including*:

    • Global Call Center mobilisation​ (from zero to fully operational within 5 - 8 hours) including:

      • Up to 100 operators

      • a unique telephone number for data subjects to call

        • Can be toll-free if required.​

    • Media management

      • Press Releases​

      • Data Subject Contacts

      • Information Dissemination

    • Post-Incident Investigation Project Management and specialty security management

    • Working with the Supervisory Authority as you EU Representative

      • Advising of the breach​

      • Pre-Breach Compliance Status Report

      • Post-Breach and Loss Mitigation actions Report

Your membership excludes

Your membership does not include the following services automatically, but we can provide them as part of our standard out-of-scope service provision.

  • EU Court (or arbitration) Legal Representation facilitation

  • Compliance Insurance(s)

  • Legal Advice

  • Financial Advice

  • Business Management Services or Advice

  • Controlling or Processing Information about other businesses other than your primary business.

* continued registration as a client for our EU Representative and Data Protection Officer services requires strict adherence to policy and the maintenance of regulation and compliance together with certain additional criteria to ensure that there is commitment to become compliant with the regulation and remain compliant with the regulation. There may be a financial bond requirement to allow for the immediate formation and management of personal data breaches through call centers and media management etc. You are required to use the GDPR Compliance Portal and Back Office so we are aware of your campaigns and processing in the event that we are tasked with regulatory compliance and performance. An additional fee may be payable for larger organisations regarding EU Representation Services. Refer to the application for EU Representation Service Costs, which are above and beyond the membership price.

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