Improved Data Protection thanks to Whistle-Blower Complaints

December 21, 2018

With all the press and news about data breaches of late, it makes you wonder how much we really know and what some of these giant corporations are really up to?




Ian Smith (Chief Privacy Officer) at GDPR Forensic Limited said today "Every good Data Protection Officer does all that they can to prevent data breaches - that's their job. Data breach prevention is an investment in a company's future, looking after your staff and your customer's privacy ensures business longevity and prosperity - they don't need to be constantly fearing that your company is not doing the right thing."


As good corporate citizens and to provide a tool that can help reduce data breaches at all levels, today, GDPR Forensic Limited launched its Free Data Protection Whistle-Blower Complaints service.


"We are here to assist any company that isn't sure about data protection laws and get them going in the right direction. All too often we hear "profits before people's privacy" and it's not sustainable. We would like to ask employees of organizations, including government agencies that are not doing the right thing to come forward in complete confidence and let us know, before there are more data breaches that ruin people’s lives. We wont be able to solve all the problems of the world, but we can at least make these organizations are aware of the issues and provide them advice on how to better protect their Personal Data. Prevention is most certainly better than cure!" Smith said.


Designed to provide support, guidance and advice before a data breach and without initial regulator involvement - in these early days, this free service will be staffed by the growing global network of fully qualified and trained Global Data Protection Officers (DPO+G) that provide the virtual DPO services for Data Protection Services currently - after which Mr. Smith will then consider the way forward with this community project depending on demand.


Smith went on to say, "we would rather try to advise an organization of how to do a better job, than be called in to launch a large clean-up operation in the wake of a data privacy disaster that has changed people’s lives forever. It's also a lot cheaper for everyone concerned. We just need alert employees to help get the process going - we'll take it from there. As I said earlier, in complete confidence."


GDPR Forensic is one of the largest Data Protection providers in the world, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. They provide a broad range of Data Protection Services including their flagship Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) Governance Risk and Compliance tool to manage Global Data Protection end-to-end.


You can discover more about the Whistle-Blower complaint service and Data Protection Services at



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